Stand up for safety,

Safety Services

Our team of safety professionals/consultants assist companies of all sizes and industries in regulatory compliance, providing practical solutions that reduce accidents, and implement workplace safety procedures. 

Safety Services

Safety Inspections

Our team of safety consultants are equipped with the knowledge and experience to evaluate your work site, identify potential loss drivers, and provide OSHA compliant solutions. 

Construction Site Safety

G&G has a team of qualified safety consultants that can help identify safety hazards onsite and provide solutions to eliminate or mitigate those hazards. G&G is flexible with its clients needs. Whether its part time site safety, or full time, G&G can assist your team with compliance and solutions.  

Incident/Accident Investigation

Incidents and accidents can have a direct and indirect effect on a companies bottom line. The process can be complicated and time consuming allow our experienced team members to deal with your incident/accident investigations. G&G can guide your company through the processes of investigating an incident/accident and developing corrective actions based on findings. 

Root Cause Analysis

It is imperative that employers determine the root cause of an accident/incident to prevent it from happening again. Getting to the root cause can sometimes be difficult and confusing. G&G has assisted some of the biggest companies in CA through a root cause analysis and G&G can help you too. 

Job-Site Surveys

Our team of safety professionals are trained to evaluate projects as a whole for hazards, potential hazards, and regulatory compliance. From roofing to underground work, and everything in between, our team is well versed on all construction activities.

Safety Meetings

 Safety meetings are one of many great ways to encourage safe practices on construction sites.

We can assist companies with their safety meetings by presenting various applicable safety topics or helping our clients develop customized material. G&G also has a library of tailgate safety topics that range from warehouse safety to construction safety  

Utility Construction Site Safety

-Gas, Pipeline, Electrical, Transmission, Distribution.

  G&G has a team whose expertise is in utility safety. G&G has been providing specialized site safety consultants to some of the biggest utility companies in CA. Our safety consultant’s industry knowledge and experience is advantageous to our clientele. 

Safety Professional Staffing

One of G&G’s strengths is our ability to staff highly qualified G&G team members to high profile projects. G&G prides itself on hiring quality safety professionals that are a good fit for the specific client and their needs. G&G does not engage in head hunting and will only provide qualified G&G team members to provide services.