Trench and Excavation Awareness

Course: Trench and Excavation Awareness Training


Course Overview:
Trenching and Excavation Awareness is an introductory online safety course where you can expect to learn basic trench safety guidelines, as well as those put in place by OSHA Trench Safety regulators. You will be informed of basic preventive measures to ensure safety on the job site while trenching and excavating. 

Course Objective: In this Trenching and Excavation safety course, you will learn the importance of training preventive measures while working in trenching and excavation environments. We will familiarize you with common hazards of the job and safety regulations that have to be followed. At the end of this course, you will have been provided with the knowledge required the safely enter, work in, and exit a trench site. 

Course Topics:
  • Soil Classification
  • Air Monitoring
  • Safe Access
  • Spoils Piles
  • Shoring and Sloping
  • Utilities Management
  • CFR 1926 Sub-part P, Excavations
Written Exam:
The written exam will be provided at the end of the course. Incorrectly answered questions will be reviewed with the class as a whole to ensure understanding before completion of course. 

Sign in sheets are required to document the number of students that will receive a certificate of completion. Please allow up to 48 hours on class sizes greater than 30.

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